InternPoint works with sending schools on mobilities for students under the Erasmus+ Key Action 1 funding programme. Mobilities are in groups accompanied by a teacher or students who travel to Malta for work experience under our leadership and care. We work with sending schools in preparation before the mobility, finding matches between students' skills and employers who are ready to host the interns and monitoring of the whole experience. This works for vocational, higher and tertiary levels of education students and where an internship overseas is part of the study programme of the student.

InternPoint has ongoing programmes that were developed together with vocational schools and public bodies from different European countries bringing together English language learning and internships. The programmes vary according to the social and education backgrounds of the participants and are very often adaptable to the group in order that content and development may be the best possible opportunity for the interns. Programmes include project work under our InternPrize initiative that brings students together on project oriented internships wherever the aptitudes and education background of the participants are oriented towards the creative industries, marketing and the entertainment or culture sectors.