Who we are

InternPoint is an initiative of VisMedNet Association of Malta. It started in 2012 and it has experienced persistent growth exclusively by word of mouth following positive experience all round. It manages internships with individuals, groups and sending organisations acting as an intermediary to match the right work placement with the expectations of the intern. Its philosophy is that an internship is ideally beneficial and rewarding for both employer and intern. It follows and mentors interns according to programme and necessity. InternPoint is now a programme shared by a number of vocational schools and language schools in several countries. It started its programme with internships in Malta and has hosted interns from a wide variety of countries. In 2015 InternPoint starts its slow expansion offering English language internships in Italy maintaining the same level of attention afforded to internships in its care.

VisMedNet Association was born in a European network on careers in science. It later on extended this focus to careers in culture and in professional development for teachers and youth leaders. Today it has become a household name synonymous with networking platforms and creative content for training within its network that includes NGOs, public and private bodies from all over Europe, Turkey and other parts of the world.


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