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Your Curriculum Vitae
As you are aware your Curriculum Vitae is the first thing a prospective employer will look at when thinking of taking you on as an intern. The employer is aware you are an intern and that you probably do not have experience in the field however first impressions count. Your CV needs to be :
- in the Europass format, 
- clear regarding information about what you studied, qualifications obtained or that you will obtain at the end of your studies,
- clear regarding previous internships or work experience that you may have including who you worked for, for how long, your position, role and what you were responsible for and
- it must not have major grammatical mistakes in the English language. 
Your CV needs to send a clear message to the employer that you want to learn and that you are aware of the fact that although you are going to be an intern you want to bring benefit to the company at least by showing that you took the trouble to have a good CV, well written and giving a good picture of who you are.
Please note that the InternPoint team looks at your CV too and we do sometimes ask prospective interns to improve on their CV. We do it to make it more possible for your internship experience to be one that meets your expectations. At times improvement is also a case for creating a link between your CV and what you say in your covering motivation letter that you wish to do in your internship.
Your motivation letter

Your covering motivation letter says more about you that your CV.

It is your first exchange with your prospective employer. The English language grammar in your letter needs to be checked if necessary corrected by a teacher. You need to be honest about your level of English in your CV so there must not be a big difference between your level of English in your CV - which needs to be realistic - and the kind and level of English used in your letter of motivation. The employer will realise this the moment you set foot in his office and he / she might feel cheated.

Your letter of motivation needs to say :

- why you need or would like to have the internship experience, if it is part of your studies or if it is to improve your skills in a field or just to improve your English language,

- what kind of work you are looking for and why. In this part show links to your CV. If what you would like to do has little or no connection with your qualifications or previous experience make more emphasis on why you would like to have that kind of work for your internship. The reasons need to show if it is because you like that kind of work or because you feel it will give you the kind of experience that you wish to have. Be clear so that the employer knows if the company can offer you that experience and how,

- the planned dates for your internship.

We would avoid humour in your letter of motivation. Whilst humour is appreciated in anybody it may come across in the wrong way beause you are trying to be funny with someone you do not know and at times humour does not sound the same in different languages.

At times our team at InternPoint asks prospective interns to improve on their letter of motivation and the most common areas for improvement are:

- letters saying tha the intern wishes to have an internship in many areas or industries. When you say you are ready to do anything you are saying you are not keen on anything and you do not really care,

- letters that are unrealistic about the role requested being too specific, too high in the ranks when compared to the experience or one that does not take into consideration the duration of the internship when asking for responsibilities. It is good to be ambitious but it is important to show your employer that you know what you are talking about and that you are more keen on bringing benefit to the organisation than on taking. Realism is of paramount importance in all areas including, for example, when you say that you have a low level of English, you wish to improve your English during your internship and therefore you wish to work with clients. We will be keen to help you with your mathematics in this area.

You may be keen to work in an area like administration and then it is right to say that you are keen on administration in tourism, accounts and a variety of fields because adminsitration is an area that can pertain to many kinds of economic activities.

You may be keen to work in two positions that are not really related and that could confuse an employer if seen in the same letter of motivation. In such a case we suggest that you prepare two letters for the two different positions.

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