InternPoint is all about partnerships.

We are more than a service provider and we do not work like an agency. This limits our work at times but opens up doors. We do not engage in English language tuition or accommodation arrangements since we feel it is unethical for us to work outside what InternPoint was born to do. InternPoint was conceived to create partnerships with interns, employers, schools and other players who can support the intern during his / her stay in a foreign country.

Our partners are :

- language schools in Malta and in Italy : schools take care of the provision of English language tuition whenever necessary. At times English language schools promote internships as part of their programme and we take care of the internship experience.

sending schools and organisations : vocational schools, training providers, public bodies and universities send their students to InternPoint for work experience in Malta and in Italy individually or in groups. We take care of profiling and matching expectations with the right kind of work experience required by the students.

students : whether the student comes with a group or as an individual intern we make sure that we understand what one wishes to attain through his / her work experience and we make sure we make the best possible match in order that the student may maximise benefit from the stay in Malta or in Italy.

- employers : we have a database of employers and companies that has grown with experience and friendships. Employers have come to understand that we work hard to make the internship experience one that brings mutual benefit to intern and employer. This is the fruit of clear messages and arrangements that do not promise more than is possible and do not under estimate the effort that is required from the side of the employer to host an intern and give him / her a fruitful experience.

- other service providers : in the case of groups of interns coming to InternPoint in Malta and Italy we engage service providers for the group upon approval of the sending organisation. Services include transport, identifying possible catering and accommodation providers and other such support services a group may require.

- only in Italy : InternPoint is starting up an independent platform that will facilitate interaction between host families and interns in the coming months.


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