InternPoint Italy

InternPoint started in Italy in 2015 in partnership with Associazione ValIda of Rome.

InternPoint is extending its services to Italy following the great experience in Malta and thanks to new partnerships that Associazione ValIda started up in various cities in central Italy. It works in very much the same way as it works in Malta taking care of individual or group requests for internships. It works in a growing variety of fields in which one can work in environments that are able to offer an English language working experience for our interns. View flyer

There can also be English language learning and internships programmes bringing language and work together in one experience. 

Needless to say that Italy offers a world renown backdrop and cultural experience and InternPoint will be starting up an accommodation arrangement with families that will make the stay in Italy all the more rewarding and fulfilling. 

Interested ? Send us a request for information about your potential internship or send us an email to


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